5 steps to deliver goods at CambodiaShip


5 steps to deliver goods at CambodiaShip

How does the delivery process at CambodiaShip take place? Which processes have been implemented to bring your goods to your customers, and put your customers’ money in your hands in the shortest time.


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1) Create an order


When customers create an order on CambodiaShip’s system, the information will be sent to the information receiving department. The staff of this department will review your address, application number and send the appropriate shipper to pick up the goods.


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2) Take the goods


The shipper will go to the shop’s place to get the goods. Orders will be confirmed once again in terms of quantity and order status. This confirmation will be synchronized on CambodiaShip’s system for convenient tracking.


3) Enter the warehouse


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The shop’s order after being transferred to CambodiaShip’s warehouse will be scanned again, confirming the application status, bill of lading information, quantity and sealing. Applications for the day will be temporarily stored in the warehouse until delivery. Applications delivered through the day will be officially stored until the scheduled delivery date.


4) Delivery


The shop orders will be assigned to the appropriate shipper for delivery. The professional shipper will deliver the goods to the recipient in the shortest and most effective time. During delivery, shipper will collect CoD money for shop. The shop’s CoD money will be gathered by CambodiaShip from orders successfully delivered.


5) Payment and refund


CambodiaShip will pay the CoD collection on time as committed. Orders delivered unsuccessfully will be arranged to return the shop. All transfer and refund costs are free.


Those are steps that CambodiaShip has received orders for you. CambodiaShip looks forward to becoming your trusted partner in the Cambodian e-commerce market.