Bring cheap delivery to Cambodia


Bring cheap delivery to Cambodia

In the past few years, the e-commerce market is developing very strongly in Cambodia. This market is full of potential, full of opportunities and challenges for anyone who wants to come and explore the market.

One of the challenges is also the demand of this market is ship COD (deliveries). COD ship service in Cambodia is currently only provided by small individuals, so the cost is high, lack of goods safety, and does not guarantee quality and long-term operation. That more or less affects online shops that are looking forward to long-term business and explore the potential of the market.



Capturing common needs and desires, CambodiaShip brought a low quality and COD ship service to the Cambodian e-commerce market.

The COD ship service of CambodiaShip inherits the technology and operation process from Trust Express Delivery Service. Tin Tốc has many years of operation in the ship COD industry in Vietnam. There has been a foothold and experience for managing and trading ship COD activities. Now, CambodiaShip has inherited these things to be able to provide the cheapest and most optimal ship service for the market.

Cheap COD Ship of CambodiaShip will bring more benefits than you can think of:
Standard delivery volume of 3kg, maximum volume up to 7gk
Free of charge for collection and payment of collection fees 3 days / week
Can easily create, check, modify orders on the website system and the app of CambodiaShip
Applying real-time technology allows you to check and track your order journey anytime, anywhere
Free shipping and refund
CambodiaShip owns a professional shipper team, is trained regularly and responsibly with the job of ensuring a high order delivery rate.

With these characteristics, CambodiaShip is proud to be the first to offer cheap COD ship service in the Cambodian market. CambodiaShip will join with businesses and online shops to create an open and thriving e-commerce market. For people to buy goods, products like the cheapest and most convenient.