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Importing buy Vietnamese goods to Cambodia has become increasingly popular, but for those who have not had purchase experience, the …

Kinh nghiệm mua hàng Việt Nam rẻ đẹp và chất lượng

Importing and buy Vietnamese goods is certainly not too new to Cambodian consumers. Especially the sellers in recent years. Products – goods originating from Vietnam and China are always attractive and popular thanks to the variety of designs, eye-catching forms, cheap prices, new uses, …. Although the import of Vietnamese goods to Cambodia is popular. However, for those who have not had experience buying or importing goods from abroad, they will inevitably face a multitude of problems. CambodiaShip would like to share some useful notes and advice for the first time importing Vietnam goods. Let’s find out!

I. The popular ways to buy Vietnamese goods today

1. Directly to Vietnam to purchase

Usually, the places where most of the traders flock to find beautiful, cheap goods are in wholesale markets. Because there are many different items with many suppliers, factories. You can find the item you need at the cheapest price according to the criteria of “original wholesale”.

Chợ đầu mối Việt Nam
Vietnam wholesale market

In addition, you can also proactively review and check product quality. However, the cost of traveling, checking in and finding an interpreter if you are a foreigner and do not know Vietnamese will be quite expensive. This way is quite complicated because you will need to prepare many papers, procedures and cost for a purchase in Vietnam. Buying goods directly in Vietnam is often suitable for medium and large business models. With this way, not just importing goods will do business effectively because it contains many surrounding risks.

2. Buy goods at wholesale markets specializing in Vietnamese goods in Cambodia

With this way of importing goods at this wholesale market, you will have a quick source of goods, the capital needs to prepare is not too large, so it is quite suitable for small businesses or households. However, the wholesale market is also an intermediary so the price is usually quite higher than buying goods from Vietnam. In addition, the sources here may be mixed with all kinds of factory goods. Should be thoroughly checked before buying.

3. Order Vietnamese goods on e-commerce website

With the development of technology, ordering through Vietnam’s major e-commerce channels is now quite easy. Some of the most popular Vietnamese shopping websites are:: TikiSendoLazadaShopee…. The advantage is that you can compare the prices, product quality, and reputation of thousands of suppliers with objective reviews of customers who have purchased. However, the limitation is that some channels do not accept international payment or delivery. So you will need intermediaries to pay and transport goods to Cambodia.

Đặt hàng online giờ đây đã thành thói quen của người dân khắp cả nước.
Online ordering is now a habit of people across the country.

This way of ordering is favored by merchants because of its convenience. Just have a laptop or phone, you can order and wait for the goods.

II. The experience of ordering on e-commerce sites for beginners

1. Learn about the product

Vietnam is the largest producer of goods and products. Therefore, the quality of goods here is still something traders should care about. With this form of purchase, you must accept that you cannot directly check the quality of the product before you buy. Because all transactions and exchanges are done remotely, there will be many cases where the quality of goods when arriving at hand is not as you expected.

Tìm hiểu kỹ sản phẩm trước khi nhập về sẽ giúp cho bạn kinh doanh thuận lợi hơn.
Understanding the products carefully before importing them will help you do your business more smoothly.

Therefore, you should pre-order a small amount of products to check the quality of the goods before deciding to place a large quantity immediately. That will make you much more reassuring. Once you are sure of good quality, now you should start importing stable quality goods with reasonable prices.

2. Learn about reputable sales places

The number of doors on Vietnam’s e-commerce websites is increasingly diverse, accompanied by a series of products with different prices, designs and quality from many distributors. In order to choose a vendor with a good product at a reasonable price, you need to keep in mind the following factors:

a. The store has a high reputation: 

The names of each store on these websites will be displayed along with the reputation level. The reputation level is based on the reviews of customers who have purchased the product in the store. Choosing a store with a high reputation will help you avoid product quality risks. The reputation levels will have their own icons for the user to identify.

b. The product has a large number of buyers: 

Each product on TikiSendoLazadaShopee, … shows the full number of people who have bought right below the normal image, the product with many buyers will be the product with good quality and the most reasonable price.

c. There are real customer reviews: 

Most Vietnamese customers have the habit of reviewing products after buying. It includes not only perceived reviews after experiencing the product, but also external product images. You should look carefully at these reviews and images to see if the actual product is the same as the product photos the store uses to advertise.

3. Select a professional Vietnamese shipping company

Purchasing on e-commerce sites has the disadvantage of not getting shipping support. Therefore, there are many suppliers nowadays transportation service from Vietnam to Cambodia was born. Each unit has different addresses, pricing and order processing times.

Giờ đây nhiều đơn vị vận chuyển ra đời hỗ trợ các chủ shop rất nhiều trong kinh doanh.
Now, many shipping units are born to support shop owners a lot in their business.

There are two important factors to choosing the right carrier.

  • The fees are simple:

Each shipping unit has different pricing and rates. You should choose a unit with the simplest way to calculate prices to facilitate control and can actively calculate the cost for each product.

  • Warehouse is close to home or convenient to pick up goods:

There are many cases where you order a lot but the products will return a few products per day. As such, you will often have to pick up the goods or hire a delivery party. If the warehouse is far away, you will lose a lot of time, effort and cost for each pick up.

CambodiaShip hopes to bring you the most useful advice to make your first time ordering easier.

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