Everything you need to know about cash on delivery service in Cambodia


Ship COD service process in Cambodia includes: receiving goods at the place of request, delivery at the order’s address, cash on delivery, …

Những điều bạn cần biết về dịch vụ giao hàng thu tiền hộ tại Cambodia

With new “toddlers” entering an online business, they encounter many troublesome problems when choosing their delivery unit. Because they do not have experience or do not fully understand the suitable delivery unit, it makes them believe in the wrong place. The consequences have a great impact on the business and trading and heavy losses such as loss of customers, loss of goods, … So, the article below will help answer your questions about cash on delivery service.

I. Delivery service collected on behalf of.

Dịch vụ giao hàng thu tiền hộ giúp người mua yên tâm đặt hàng.
Cash on hand delivery service helps buyers feel secure to place orders.

1. Delivery on behalf of the money?

Cash on Delivery or COD is an acronym for Cash on Delivery in English. Translated into Vietnamese means the delivery is collected on behalf of the buyer, which means that the buyer will pay directly when he receives the goods.

In the COD delivery process, the shipper will act as an intermediary. It is responsible for receiving the money from the customer and then sending it back to the shop. The payment process on behalf of the carrier also has many differences depending on the model and operation of the carrier.

  • Procedure:

Delivery and collection services (COD) includes:

Receive goods at the address requested by the customer: stamp and ensure the package is intact from sender to receiver. → Deliver the goods to the receiver and collect the money. → Transfer money collected on behalf of customers. (After the order is successfully delivered, the time to transfer payment depends on the order).

  • Advantages:

+ For customers: see the status of the goods before payment

Psychology of online shoppers is often afraid of being cheated because of the fact that there have been many cases of buyers transferring money in advance to the shop. In the end the shop canceled the delivery contract and disappeared. Or a little more humane, the shop still sends the goods. But the product delivered to the wrong model, far different from the photo and very poor quality.

So many customers are willing to pay the extra cost of peace of mind. Usually, customers will choose ship cod service with new shops, remote shops or an individual shop with no store, a clear address.

In addition, there are also cases when customers change their mind not to buy anymore. Customers only need to contact the seller to discuss this issue and send the delivery fee back to the shop. Then the shipping company will return the item to the shop.

+ For shop owners: Increasing the trust of consumers with the shop’s brand

For shops that are new to business or do not have a high level of brand recognition. Then coded delivery will be an effective solution to increase consumer confidence.

Because of psychology, customers want to receive the goods in person and see if the status is the same as described on the photo before making payment. Avoid receiving fake goods as we have described above. Thereby increasing the rate of successful closing orders for the shop.

2. Things to know about cashier delivery.

Chủ shop cần hiểu rõ hơn các thông tin giao hàng để kinh doanh hiệu quả hơn
Shop owners need to better understand the delivery information for more effective business.

a. Delivery time

The time the carrier receives the goods from the shop depends on how each service is. Usually during office hours from Monday to Saturday (Sunday does not work).

For customers receiving customers in the inner city area, the delivery unit will deliver immediately that day. As for district and commune visitors, it will be 1 to 2 days slower. Delivered during office hours from Monday to Saturday (Sunday does not work).

b. Postage

In the payment process, the customer will pay the staff, including the fees calculated as follows:

  • Money for goods: This amount will be returned to the shop by the company in about 3 – 10 days.
  • Shipping fee: This amount will be collected by the shipping company, on average from 20 – 40k for big cities, and higher for district and commune routes.
  • Collection fee (the shipping company will collect this amount or it may be free).

Thus, if you choose to ship COD, customers may have to spend a few extra costs compared to buying goods with prepayment. But this form of transportation is still becoming very popular and chosen by many online shoppers because of its convenience.

c. Payment and reconciliation

Cashier delivery service is used the most in online shopping in Vietnam, leading to the problem that the delivery person holds the majority of the seller’s revenue. If the reconciliation and payment are slow, the cash flow will be longer and inevitably affect the business profit of the seller.

III. CambodiaShip – Reputable – fast cash on delivery unit in Cambodia.

CambodiaShip có đội ngũ shipper hùng hậu và dày dặn kinh nghiệm
CambodiaShip has a strong and experienced shipper team.

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