How important is warehousing when Cross Border Sales?


Not only shorten the delivery time. The use of warehousing services when Cross Border Sales goods also helps to keep goods intact and safer

Lưu kho hàng hóa quan trọng thế nào khi bán hàng xuyên biên giới?

“The land is crowded with people” is the word that best describes the business situation in big cities. The price of land rent, space rent, office space, warehouse rental… increased rapidly. But in business, cost optimization is always a top priority. Because optimizing costs is optimizing profits. Businesses start racing to find the most effective solution for them. In which, storage of goods is seen as a savior. By not only saving costs, renting a warehouse also brings a lot of practical benefits to both domestic business activities and Cross Border Sales.

So how important is warehousing when doing business across borders? Should you choose warehousing or order fulfillment as logistics? Where is a reputable storage unit in Cambodia?

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The importance of warehousing when selling across borders.

Prices are increasing day by day. The cost of renting premises is high, hiring is also high, machinery and equipment are also high. In online business in general and Cross Border Sales in particular, warehousing helps businesses solve the following headache problems:

  • The cost of premises, personnel, equipment and materials is increasing day by day.
  • The cost of transporting goods back and forth between the two countries’ borders.
  • Goods are difficult to control, often lost.
  • Spending too much time and effort on checking goods, counting goods, directing employees without focusing on business.
  • Difficulty distributing work to employees. There are days when the work is overwhelming, stagnant, and can’t be done forever. Some days, employees are free, wasting labor costs.

Warehousing goods in Cambodia offers the benefits of smoother operations. Maximize savings in investment costs, personnel as well as transportation costs when Cross Border Sales.

Comprehensive cost savings

General storage of goods, which means saving a huge amount of costs for premises, equipment, machinery, materials, labor, loading and unloading, arrangement. Besides, the cost for Cross border transportation is also relatively high. Warehousing bulk goods for local business needs will save you a lot of budget compared to transporting goods back and forth many times.

Save time and grow your business

You will no longer spend a lot of time checking, sorting, and packing products. From there, there is more time for business development. At the same time, the storage helps the sales process take place less steps. From there, goods reach customers faster. Strengthen the brand’s reputation in the market.

Lưu kho hàng hóa giúp tiết kiệm thời gian để kiểm tra, phân loại, đóng gói sản phẩm giúp shop bán hàng hiệu quả hơn.
Warehousing of goods saves time to check, classify and pack products to help shop sales more efficiently.

Affirm the prestige and professionalism of the brand.

Not only shorten the delivery time. The use of warehousing services when Cross Border Sales goods also helps to keep goods intact and safer during storage thanks to a team of professional inspection and classification. Sanitation and fire prevention are always a top priority. Thereby enhancing the customer experience. Directly enhance the prestige and professionalism of the brand.

Be more active at work

Many warehouse rental units provide logistics management software. This is an application that helps you be a lot more proactive at work. Anywhere, anytime you can work serving customers through mobile devices. You can also easily view reports on inventory, order status, and revenue to review the best business plan.

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Which logistics method should I choose when Cross Border Sales?


Warehousing is the service of storing goods. The goods you will bring to the warehouse and store for a certain period of time. The advantage of this method is to store a large amount of goods without spending too much, and it is more flexible than renting a self-managed warehouse.

Warehousing when selling goods across borders is often accompanied by sorting and unloading services, so you can see many types of trolleys, containers as well as many other machines and equipment for moving goods. Some warehouses (such as warehouses at CambodiaShip) also provide warehouses for common products and specialized warehouses for pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, cosmetics…


Fulfillment is a service where the supplier will replace the shop to do all the logistics from picking up, storing, packing, labeling, delivering,… . Help save time and effort so that the business will be more optimally invested.

The choice of Warehousing or Fulfillment depends on the actual needs of the shop when Cross Border Sales.
The choice of Warehousing or Fulfillment depends on the actual needs of the shop when Cross Border Sales.

This is the most optimal solution and is increasingly being used by many business owners to promote the development and comprehensive cost savings of their businesses. Especially for those Online shop selling goods to Cambodia. Every day they have to handle too many orders with the stages of warehousing, packaging, shipping, delivery, … . Making business complicated, time consuming and costly.

The choice of Storage or Fulfillment service is subject to your actual needs and available resources. If you already have your own team of shippers, have enough resources for other stages, you can choose warehousing service. And if you want to optimize most of the cost, save time and effort, as well as not have your own shipper team, you can consider using the Order Fulfillment service.

Prestigious warehouse for goods when selling across borders

CambodiaShip is a shipping and storage unit with more than 5 years of experience. We offer both storage by area, volume and Fulfillment with features suitable for many different types of customers.

Using warehouse service at CambodiaShip when selling cross-border goods not only helps customers save a large part of the budget but also ensures the cleanliness, safety and integrity of goods. With sanitation, fire prevention and fighting is focused on investment.

  • Warehouse for rent with optimal architecture, ventilation, safety shielding system.
  • The location is in the center of Phnom Penh, convenient for importing and exporting goods.
  • The diverse service ecosystem helps to reduce many types of costs including: personnel, transportation and distribution of goods…
  • Professional and highly qualified packing and unloading staff.
  • Save time processing orders so you can focus on your business.
  • Avoid errors in checking goods and costs by modern systematic storage.
  • Create a competitive advantage for your business in the market.
CambodiaShip is a Cross Border Sales freight forwarder combined with professional storage.
CambodiaShip is a Cross Border Sales freight forwarder combined with professional storage.

If you are looking for an application for warehousing service – Fulfillment in Cambodia, CambodiaShip is the perfect choice that fully meets the criteria to help you feel more secure when doing business.

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