Delivery Cambodia, the job is not easy?


Delivery Cambodia, the job is not easy?

Delivery is something anyone can do. This is what many people think about freight forwarding. Delivery job requires relatively simple. Especially in Cambodia where land is flat, delivery becomes easier. But, that thought is really accurate and true. This should be reviewed.

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1) Delivery is easy


A wrong thought. An absolute wrong thought. In this life, no job is easy. If so, people have already done it. The delivery profession is also very difficult, the things that we can only see at first glance. Any shipper must have the following knowledge and skills:


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Geographic understanding: Understanding your delivery area is extremely important. This knowledge is not only used on roads, but also traffic, short cuts, congestion points or roads. Geographic insights help shipper deliver faster and more timely.


Driving skills: Shipper must of course drive. And with the total time of traveling on a very large road of each person, the shipper must have good driving skills. The accident did not leave anyone. Shipper has an accident that will greatly affect the delivery time, causing damage to the goods and worst affecting the health and life of the shipper itself.


Time arrangement: Time setting during delivery is extremely important for a shipper. Placing a reasonable delivery time will give orders quickly delivered to customers more. Shipper also has plenty of time to process orders that leave delivery time, as well as other incidents.


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Processing information: Shipper must know how to handle and arrange reasonable information. The information that each shipper carries is very much. Each order includes contact information, delivery time, single value, single origin, … Failure to process clear information will result in unreliable errors that cause loss of customer confidence. .


Behavior skills: There is no shortage of shipper cases facing difficult situations. In these cases, shipper must be able to behave skillfully and subtly to both satisfy customers and escape irony situations.


Actually, making shipper is not as easy as it looks. Each person only sees normal delivery and delivery without knowing that hiding deep below is a lot of requirements and skills to become professional shipper.