Top 3 delivery method are often used by shop owners when selling online


One of the delivery method units in Phnom Penh has 2 delivery shifts a day, always ensuring the delivery schedule. Is the form of delivery …

3 hình thức giao hàng thường được chủ shop sử dụng khi bán online

Selling online is a “hot” phenomenon of young people. They were racing to sell and do business online when they first started their businesses. But if you do not choose the right form of delivery, it is easier for a shop to encounter difficulties in the sales process to deliver the goods. This article will help you easily choose the one that is right for you.

I. Selling online has never been “hot” for people who want to start a business.

The form of online business has been growing in Cambodia over the years. Online business people have relied on the growth of the internet and social networks to survive. This is a fairly simple and convenient form of business, it is seen as a start-up, a hobby or a decent source of income, or maybe a full-fledged food career.

Bán hàng online vừa giúp bạn trẻ kiếm thỏa đam mê kinh doanh, vừa tăng thu nhập.
Selling online can help young people earn their passion for business and increase their income.

The benefits of selling online:

  • Selling online is a form of business that does not require shop owners to have a booth or store to sell. It saves a memory investment in a smart mobile device and has an Internet connection.
  • Doing business in many areas at the same time: selling online has the advantage of allowing you to sell online while doing a different industry. It means that running an online business is a left hand job for you to earn extra income because you have flexibility in where and where to sell.
  • Buyers can easily get the products and services they want more quickly and easily without having to go directly to the store. Because online transactions are essential, this is very convenient for all customers in the internet age. In particular, they can view and evaluate the quality of goods thanks to the feedback on the shop’s online channels. From there it is easier to make a purchase decision.

Because of such advantages, the online sales fever has yet to show signs of cooling off. The most significant thing is probably the delivery service. In fact, how much quality goods, but not good delivery service will adversely affect the shop. This requires shop owners to find effective ways to ship goods that are both fast delivery and cost saving.

II. Delivery method can be used to deliver goods to customers..

When deciding to do business online also means that there must be shipping service for customers. Because the purpose of customers when choosing to buy online is to want to buy goods conveniently. So, are there any shipping options you need to know about?

There are 3 main ways to ship goods: self-delivery shop, free shipper and use of delivery service. Depending on the type of product and the business situation, the shop chooses the appropriate shipping method. Each form has its own strengths and weaknesses, so it is very important to consider the form of delivery.

1. For self-delivery shop

If you are the owner of a small online business and do not have too many sales areas. This is the form of shipping that is suitable for your shop. Because less goods have to hire more delivery units. This way saves you money. Not to mention, the self-delivery shop can also be flexible on time and also ensure that the goods reach customers safely. But, this form has many disadvantages when the shop starts getting more orders. It requires you to use a different delivery method.

2. Delivery methods thanks to freelance shipper

This Delivery method is quite popular when online sales have just exploded. During this period, the shipper is free as the savior to help the shop deliver goods on time for customers. This will reduce the workload so you can focus on sales. But you still have late deliveries, unsuccessful deliveries costing extra fees and gas costs for shipper.

Bên cạnh sự tiện lợi, hình thức này chứa nhiều rủi ro đối với chủ shop.
Delivery methods thanks to freelance shipper, delivery method contains many risks for shop owners.

Later, this form was not as popular as before because there was no clear policy. So if there is a risk, the shop will be the party to take full responsibility. Therefore, this form brings many risks and is gradually less used as before.

3. Using a delivery service from the company

Besides self-shipment or outsourcing shipper, you can also choose a professional carrier. At that time, you will have no headache about late delivery. It seems that choosing a reputable shipping service is one of the most effective ways to ship goods online. The advantage is that shop owners can deliver goods to all parts of the country at a reasonable cost.

Hình thức này đảm bảo thời gian và tiết kiệm chi phí cho chủ shop online.
This method ensures time and saves money for online shop owners.

In addition, there are many different service packages so that the shop can save costs and get a good assessment of the shop’s service. In particular, the insurance policies on the quality of the goods. If a problem occurs, the carrier can assist you, ensuring the interests of customers.

III. CambodiaShip – Convenient delivery for all shop owners.

1. Service introduction

CambodiaShip is one of the delivery units in Phnom Penh with 2 delivery shifts a day, always ensuring the delivery schedule. With a team of experienced shippers and a team of dedicated and enthusiastic shippers, CambodiaShip wants to bring smart and top quality delivery solutions in the Cambodia market.

With our advanced bill of lading management system we aim to provide a superior delivery experience. The service ensures that orders will be stored on a safe and secure intelligent warehouse system.

Tuyển dụng tại cambodia
CambodiaShip – Convenient delivery for all shop owners.

2. Advantages of COD delivery in CambodiaShip

  • CambodiaShip transports goods across 25 provinces, prestige – fast – conscientious – efficient.
  • Stable delivery speed: on-time pick-up, on-time delivery.
  • Strict order processing process, ensuring no errors or misplaced goods.
  • Fastest and best time to pay money in Cambodia.
  • Clear cargo insurance policy.
  • Commitment to compensate in accordance with the agreement with goods lost during transportation.

Contact quick service consultant on hotline (+855) 236 3 55555 – (+84) 344 940 190 or Fanpage – website: for easier support.