Delivery of goods in Phnom Penh


Delivery of goods in Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh – Cambodia’s capital is the fastest growing city in terms of infrastructure and economy. The standard of living here has been improved day by day. These conditions are perfectly suitable for e-commerce development and for people to buy and sell goods simply and easily than ever.



As a member of e-commerce in Phnom Penh, CambodiaShip has always been a good bridge between online customers and shops. CambodiaShip wants to build a better delivery service and complete it to support online shops in the business process.


To do that, CambodiaShip has always tried to improve itself by:


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1) Build a good foundation


CambodiaShip inherits technology, processes and experiences from delivery services in Vietnam market. CambodiaShip will apply these things to create a good foundation to support the delivery of goods to all customers.


2) Apply new and suitable technologies


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With the current technological advancement, new technologies can completely catch up and replace current craft activities. The anticipation of these technologies and the application of them to the best of services is the development direction to meet the needs of customers in the future.


3) Focus on people


CambodiaShip understands that “people are the heart of the day of delivery”. It is for this reason that CambodiaShip always focuses on building the people of CambodiaShip into professional shipping professionals. CambodiaShip is committed to the people in CambodiaShip’s staff who are both professional and polite people. People will support online shop on every meter of delivery line.


Delivery in Phnom Penh is not easy in the current situation. It will be even more difficult in the future. But with the right steps, CambodiaShip has become a reliable, quality and reliable delivery service in consumers’ hearts.