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COD delivery service of CambodiaShip gives customers the experience of leading prestigious professional forwarding service in Cambodia.

dich vu giao hang

With the explosion of e-commerce sites, shoppers have more choices and are easier to shop than ever before. The business of online shops is growing day by day. Since then, delivery service is also increasingly interested. Because it is an important bridge between shop owners and customers. The article below will help shop owners have a better view of the delivery service.

I. COD delivery needs in Cambodia

Dịch vụ giao hàng tận nơi tại Cambodia
The demand for COD delivery in Cambodia has been increasing in recent years.

With the young market in the development of e-commerce like Cambodia, the online business here promises to be the top potential jobs in the future. Currently, more and more online shops are planned and operated well, bringing more shopping options to customers.

In it, we do not forget to mention the delivery to customers. Indeed, online business and delivery are two inseparable phrases, especially in the era of e-commerce. Many people have paid more attention to delivery services, including door-to-door delivery. It also has a more familiar name, COD delivery.

II. COD delivery service

1. What is COD delivery service?

Delivery COD is an acronym for Cash on Delivery in English. It means that the delivery is collected on behalf of the buyer, which means that the buyer will pay directly upon receipt of the goods. Meanwhile, the delivery person will act as the intermediary. They are responsible for receiving the money from the customer and then send it back to the shop.

Most companies operating in the freight sector in Vietnam provide this type of COD delivery service. The payment process on behalf of the carrier also has many differences depending on the model and operation of the carrier.

2. Benefits of COD door-to-door service

a. For buyers:

Dịch vụ giao hàng uy tín tại Cambodia
Buyers can feel more secure when shop owners pay COD.

Psychology of online shoppers is often afraid of being cheated because of the fact that there are many cases where buyers transfer and pay money in advance for the shop. In the end, the shop canceled the delivery contract and disappeared or sent the wrong model and super poor quality. So many customers are willing to pay the extra cost of peace of mind.

Normally, customers will choose COD delivery service with new shops, remote shops or an individual shop with no store or a clear address. In addition, there are also cases when customers change their mind not to buy anymore. Customers only need to contact the seller to discuss this issue and send the delivery fee back to the shop. Then the shipping company will return the item to the shop.

So COD delivery service makes purchasing simpler and more convenient than ever. It reduces unnecessary controversy when other issues arise.

b.  For the seller:

Dịch vụ giao hàng chuyên nghiệp tại Cambodia
COD delivery increases shopper confidence.

The big advantage of COD delivery is that it increases the consumer trustworthiness of the shop’s brand. For stores that are new or do not have a high level of brand recognition, COD delivery service will be an effective solution to increase consumer confidence.

Because of psychology, customers want to receive goods in person and see if the status is the same as described on the photo before making payment. This helps to avoid receiving counterfeit goods as we described above. Thereby increasing the rate of successful closing orders for the shop.

III. CambodiaShip – Door to door delivery service in Cambodia

1. Service introduction

CambodiaShip là đơn vị giao hàng top đầu tại Phnom Penh.
CambodiaShip is the leading delivery unit in Phnom Penh.

CambodiaShip is one of the delivery units in Phnom Penh with 2 delivery shifts a day, always ensuring the delivery schedule. With a team of experienced shippers and a team of dedicated and enthusiastic shippers. CambodiaShip wants to bring smart and top quality delivery solutions in Cambodia market.

With advanced international standard bill of lading management technology, we want to bring a superior delivery experience, ensuring that customer’s orders will be stored on a smart warehouse system, absolutely safe and secure.

2. Advantages of delivery COD CambodiaShip

  • CambodiaShip transports goods across 25 provinces: prestige – fast – conscientious – efficient.
  • Stable delivery speed: on time pick up, on time delivery.
  • Strict order processing process, ensuring no errors or misplaced goods.
  • Fastest and best time to pay money in Cambodia.
  • Cargo insurance policy clearly commits to compensate in accordance with the agreement with goods lost or lost during transportation.

3. Operation procedure of COD delivery service of CambodiaShip.

In most COD shipping services there is a common five-step process:

Step 1: Create an application

Customers will apply on the CambodiaShip app or website: The simple operation in CambodiaShip is also very simple and fast. After that, the shop owner just needs to get ready to package and wait for the shipper to pick up the goods.

Step 2: Get the goods

After the order is successfully confirmed the shipper will go to the meeting point to pick up the goods. This is one of the advantages of this delivery service. Shop owners do not have to spend time bringing goods to the post office, can focus more on business.

Step 3: Gathering and classifying goods:

This is a very important step, but not very few shops know about it. This is the time that the shops’ goods are gathered in warehouses and classified by regions. This helps COD ship service to save resources while ensuring shipping efficiency.

Step 4: Ship COD:

Obviously this is the most important of all five steps in the shipping process. This step not only determines the success or failure of all three previous steps, but also the sales process of the shop. This is also the step with the most problems arising. Any false information will show up when this step is reached.

The shop’s coordination for COD shipping company to successfully complete this fourth step is very important. Because the efficiency of the COD shipping step reflects the quality of the COD shipping service. To choose a quality COD shipping service, the efficiency criteria of the ship cannot be ignored.

Step 5: Payment:

Payment varies by shipping companies COD: payment waiting time, number of payments per week, form and fee. Parallel to the COD payment process is the operation of returning unsuccessful canceled or delivered orders. If a reputable COD shipping company will have information to check the collection fee, the return form is clear. This helps shop take a lot of time and effort.

Through this article, we hope to partially answer your questions about COD delivery service. Choose COD delivery service of CambodiaShip to bring you the most prestigious professional delivery experience in Cambodia.

Contact for quick delivery via hotline number (+855) 0236 3 55555 or Fanpage to get a COD shipping service consultant easier.