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CambodiaShip provides customers with a package purchase service: from ordering to delivery of goods to customers. When ordering …

Dịch vụ mua hộ hàng Việt Nam của CambodiaShip

Currently, the demand for Vietnamese goods is increasing day by day. However, many obstacles such as geography, language and payment method make it difficult for buyers to buy goods on their own. Since then, various forms of household buying have gradually developed to meet the shopping needs of people. Realizing this need, CambodiaShip provides buying services for Vietnamese goods to solve the concerns of buyers.

I. Introducing CambodiaShip’s Vietnamese household goods buying service.

1. What is provides buying services?

Household buying is a form when a buyer wants to buy a product from a foreign country such as China, Vietnam, America, Thailand, … but does not know how to buy or does not understand how to order online and is not fluent in a foreign language. So household buying service is the fastest and best choice for shoppers. To meet the demand of buying foreign goods of the current consumer market, household buying service was born. This is a new form of service and is being interested by many consumers to buy foreign goods today.

2. CambodiaShip Vietnamese goods purchasing service

Currently, the demand for importing and buying goods from Vietnam to Cambodia is increasing. CambodiaShip offers FAST – EASY – PROFESSIONAL household buying service to help customers save time, cost and make ordering more convenient.

CambodiaShip Vietnamese goods purchasing service.
CambodiaShip Vietnamese goods purchasing service.

CambodiaShip provides a package purchase service from a team of dedicated customer support specialists to the stage of buying – receiving – delivering goods to Cambodia and delivering to customers. Customers can rest assured to buy products without fear of risk because CambodiaShip has a commitment to protect the goods, which is committed to compensating when the goods are having problems in the transport process. You will receive your goods quickly with reasonable fee and best quality.

II. Why should you choose CambodiaShip service?

1. Advantages of purchasing services for households of CambodiaShip.

When using CambodiaShip’s service, customers will be fully satisfied with the following benefits:

  • Profession:

Staff at CambodiaShip will advise and support customers to order and choose the best services. We always ensure time accuracy is of paramount importance for shipping services.

  • Fast – accurate:

Time is a valuable thing in business. Delayed one day customers will lose many business opportunities so we always ensure fast and accurate in terms of time.

  • Saving:

Currently, CambodiaShip provides customers with a package purchase service: from ordering to the delivery of the goods to the customer. Therefore, when ordering at CambodiaShip, customers will not need to worry about intermediary fees. We always try to lower the cost of services to the lowest level to help customers buy the most convenient and economical.

  • Safety – Prestige:

CambodiaShip always applies and equips with the most modern transport equipment and tools to ensure the safety of goods during transportation. When there is a breakdown or loss occurred during the transportation, we will refund 100% to customers.

Lợi thế dịch vụ mua hộ của CambodiaShip
Advantages of purchasing services for households of CambodiaShip.

2. Commitment of purchasing service for household of CambodiaShip

  • Professional dedicated advice.
  • Goods transported intact, with the right products, with the quality required by customers.
  • Ensuring the safety of goods.
  • The most suitable competitive rates in the market.
  • Delivery of goods to customers in Cambodia.

III. How to use CambodiaShip’s Vietnamese household goods purchase service.

This form is applied to customers wishing to buy goods on e-commerce floors such as: Shopee, Lazada, Tiki,…but no buying experience and fluent in foreign languages. To use our services, customers need to take the following steps: 

  • Step 1: Customers provide product links at e-commerce sites in Vietnam such as Shopee, Lazada, Tiki,… CambodiaShip will order in accordance with the link of the customer sent. Note, customers should note clearly the quantity, color and accompanying notes (if any) to make the ordering process smooth and easy.
  • Step 2: After finding the correct orders, CambodiaShip will check the goods and make a quotation. In CambodiaShip, customers will receive a price quote directly without going through the complicated forms. As a result, customers can quickly move to the next step in the process.
  • Step 3: Customers provide the receiving address and delivery form and order confirmation. After completing the step to confirm the customer sends recipient information such as address, contact phone number. Then, pay the order to CambodiaShip.
  • Step 4:Within 1-2 weeks, orders will be shipped and delivered to customers.
Cách sử dụng dịch vụ mua hộ hàng Việt Nam của CambodiaShip
How to use CambodiaShip’s Vietnamese household goods purchase service.

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