Introduce delivery service for CambodiaShip


Introduce delivery service for CambodiaShip

CambodiaShip is a professional delivery service in Cambodia. CambodiaShip aims to provide the best delivery service to Cambodian people. CambodiaShip always concentrates resources to realize its desires.




CambodiaShip was established by investing in technology, processes, experiences and techniques from two companies, CTCP Tin Nhanh and Mekong Logistics. Both companies are companies with many years of operation in two areas: delivery of goods to collect and transport Vietnam – Laos – Cambodia. Those experiences, techniques and technologies have been inherited and promoted by CambodiaShip to create the current delivery service.


CambodiaShip focuses all resources on two main services, namely:


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1) Delivery of goods in Phnom Penh


Delivery service to Phnom Penh is the main business of CambodiaShip. CambodiaShip provides services to customers both inside and outside Cambodia. The delivery service of CambodiaShip will help support online shops with:


Fast delivery: within 6 hours for inner city and 12 hours for suburban area.


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Effective delivery: high success rate of delivery, with standard quantities up to 3kg, CambodiaShip brings the best delivery service experience to customers.


Many support services: CambodiaShip provides convenient and convenient support services for shops that can be applied to each individual needs.


Easy to monitor and check: thanks to the application of real-time tracking technology, CambodiaShip allows users to check the status of orders in practice, manage information, easily outstanding loans through the management system Orders on our website.


2) Ho Chi Minh – Phnom Penh Transport and vice versa


CambodiaShip provides transport services from Vietnam – Cambodia – Laos and vice versa. Suitable for online shops doing business in Ho Chi Minh City to expand their market to Phnom Penh. CambodiaShip’s transport services also include warehousing and ex-warehousing services. Moreover, the transportation service can be directly connected with CambodiaShip’s delivery service in Phnom Penh. Extremely convenient for shops that need to sell goods in the newly developed market in Cambodia.


CambodiaShip wishes to become the best delivery service and accompany online shops in the process