Safe intact delivery – Shopkeeper from worrying about complaints


In addition to the speed of delivery, the safe intact delivery is also a characteristic that helps evaluate a reputable and professional …

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Having a high cost, having to wait a long time, no customer wants to receive a distorted or damaged item. Especially high-value items, souvenirs, … Therefore, safe intact delivery is the responsibility of both online shops and shipping units. If you want to build friendliness in customers’ hearts, they will return to order to use the service.

So what are the reasons why goods are damaged in transit? What should shops and shippers do to limit damage to goods? Where is the shipping unit that helps the goods be safe?

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Damage to goods on delivery – Current status and causes

Some of the most common reasons why goods are damaged when they reach customers are:

  • Damaged goods before shipping.
  • Goods improperly arranged.
  • Loosely preserved.
  • Due to the weather factor.
  • Due to accidents, natural disasters, incidents on the transport road.
  • Due to the driver’s handling problem.

Damaged goods before shipping

Some drivers overlook the factor of safe and intact delivery when they do not carefully check the goods before delivery. Goods may have been faulty or damaged by the shop’s fault during transportation, loading or packing. If you do not check carefully, it is likely that the cargo compensation responsibility will belong to the driver.

Loading goods incorrectly

In some cases, the arrangement of goods is not scientific during transportation. These include: stacking heavy cargo on top of light cargo, causing the cargo below to be crushed, bulky stacking causes collisions with neighboring vehicles. In addition, the unstable lanyard system also easily causes the goods to fall, …

Hệ thống dây buộc nên chắc chắn để hạn chế gây rơi vỡ hàng hóa
Safe intact delivery – Shopkeeper from worrying about complaints

Loosely preserved

In the course of transportation, suitable humidity, temperature, and ventilation are not ensured, causing the goods to be moldy, rusted, or warped. Some types of goods can be burned, exploded, liquefied or changed properties when not properly preserved.

Due to the weather factor

Rain, sun, storm and flood are factors that directly affect the status of goods. If the weather is not updated or there is no appropriate plan to shield and protect the goods, the item is very easily damaged or degraded.

In some places, inundation occurs due to storms or tides. Rising water can cause malfunction or damage to transport vehicles. Makes the delivery process more difficult.

Due to the accident, problems on the transport road

The cause is not frequent, but it is also the factor that causes the goods to be damaged. Collisions or obstacles on the way can cause goods to fall off the vehicle, hit the road, and cause complete fracture.

Due to the driver’s handling problem

Shipper’s personality and handling skills are also an important factor in the preservation of goods. A shipper who likes to speed up, overtaking, encroaching on the road, not complying with traffic rules is easy to cause damage to goods by collision. In addition, the ability to control the steering wheel, avoid obstacles on the road also contribute to the integrity of the item.

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The secret of safe and intact delivery

For shop sales

Check the condition of goods carefully before handing them over to the carrier. At the same time, suggest the driver to check the goods again before moving. This helps to unify the original item’s integrity.

Pack the goods carefully and fit properly. Do not use cartons that are too big or too small for packaging. Because if the box is too tight, it will put pressure on the item, and if the box is too large, there are many gaps that cause the goods to collide during transportation.

If the item is fragile, the shop should make a note on the outside of the carton to ensure the shipper delivers safer and more thorough integrity.

For the delivery unit

Fully equipped with cargo containers that are able to avoid sunlight and rain to help ensure the goods inside are safest. In addition, you should also check the humidity and internal temperature to avoid deterioration of the item, change in ingredients.

Train shipper in terms of ensuring safe, intact deliveries such as: arranging goods scientifically, using clever lanyards, complying with traffic laws and being able to handle worst situations.

Check goods carefully before delivery. If found to be damaged, the shipper has the right not to accept or carry on the condition that it has been thoroughly checked and noted on documents. But in this case, the carrier should clearly confirm with the shipper before loading the goods onto the vehicle.

Shipper should carefully inspect the goods before delivery.
Shipper should carefully inspect the goods before delivery.

Safe intact delivery unit, good price in Cambodia.

With the criterion of putting the integrity of goods first. CambodiaShip with a team of cheap, professional, well-trained shippers with good case handling skills, standard attitude, to ensure how goods will be delivered to customers when they come out intact. In addition, the facilities conditions of CambodiaShip are also carefully invested. The waterproof containers, avoid rain with humidity, temperature suitable for many different types of goods, helping to keep the state and properties of the product during transportation.

CambodiaShip với tiêu chí đặt sự nguyên vẹn của hàng hóa lên hàng đầu
CambodiaShip with the aim of putting the integrity of goods first.

Some other advantages when you choose to deliver goods on behalf of CambodiaShip:

  • The shipping process is professional and fast.
  • Delivery service in Cambodia – Pick up, hand delivery.
  • Optimal means of transport – safe – reasonable price.
  • Large warehouse located in convenient location.
  • Reasonable and economical price.
  • Delivery of many different sizes and volumes.
  • Professional and friendly shipper team.
  • Enthusiastic support staff, closely tracking orders.

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