Send the goods to Cambodia and other information you need to know


CambodiaShip’s shipping to Cambodia will solve send the goods to Cambodia the cost, the time of shipment and unit transports the prestige …

Giá gửi hàng đi Campuchia và những thông tin cần biết

The expansion of the business market to Cambodia has gradually been interested by many online shop owners in Vietnam. But information about send goods to Cambodia is still too little, making the shop owners’ questions still unresolved, especially the issue of the cost of sending the goods to Cambodia, how long the goods are to go and which unit. Shipping reputation, efficiency. The article below will help answer all questions of the shop owner when shipping goods to Cambodia.

Chủ shop Việt Nam đã quan tâm nhiều hơn đến việc kinh doanh sang Campuchia
Send the goods to Cambodia and other information you need to know

I. The problem of sending goods to Cambodia

1. Demand to send goods to Cambodia

Currently, Cambodian consumers are shifting to using Vietnamese goods due to the good quality of Vietnamese goods and relatively cheap prices. Therefore, Cambodia is considered a “fertile land” for Vietnamese shop owners to exploit because the demand for online shopping in Cambodia has only grown in recent years. In addition, there are many other special advantages that make cross-border business through Cambodia interested in many online shops such as:

  • Favorable border conditions.
  • The culture of user tastes is almost the same.
  • The friendly and commercial relationship between the two countries is long lasting.

These advantages have shown that the Cambodian market is extremely ideal for online shop owners in Vietnam.

2. The difficulty sellers often encounter when sending goods to Cambodia:

a. The procedure is difficult for inexperienced people.

Customs clearance of goods must be approved by the customs authority. Here, the shipper must ensure the goods sent are eligible to export abroad. The customs office will confirm your goods and guide the specific procedures. For those who are not experienced in sending goods abroad, the problem of customs procedures can be a headache.

b. Requires careful packaging.

Send goods to Cambodia in particular and abroad in general, the goods need to be packed carefully. The packaging is in accordance with international standards such as choosing a carton with the right size for the item, using enclosed materials such as air bubble bags, foam to wrap the product and tape firmly on the mouth of the box.

Hàng hóa cần phải được đóng gói cẩn thận khi gửi sang Campuchia.
Goods need to be carefully packed when sent to Cambodia.

The purpose of this is to ensure that the goods are not damaged or broken during transportation. Because the goods are transferred to Cambodia, if the goods are not packed carefully, they may not be able to deliver them intact.

c. Hard to guarantee delivery time.

When transporting goods to Cambodia, businesses have to face with difficulty in ensuring delivery time. Because when transporting goods through the checkpoint, there are certain risks of procedures and papers that make the transit time longer. Not to mention, the weather issue also affects the shipping time to Cambodia.

In addition, when businesses send goods to Cambodia, they often have difficulty tracking goods. This causes concern for both customers and businesses because they do not know if the goods have been delivered to the customer yet.

d. There is a language barrier.

Usually when you expand your business to your home country, the biggest hurdle businesses face is the language barrier. Indeed, if you do not understand and use the native language, there will be many difficulties in understanding and surveying the market.

In particular, it is difficult to understand the tastes of customers. Not fluent in Cambodian language makes it difficult to reach customers. It keeps you from understanding their tastes to match. On the other hand, the language barrier makes it difficult for you to deal with complaints about merchandise after the customer has received the item. This makes you limited in customer care.

II. Things you need to know when transporting goods to Cambodia:

1. Delivery time.

The distance between Cambodia is relatively close, so the time to receive the goods is 2-3 working days. Depending on the weather situation and the customs clearance process, the time that the goods will be delivered to the recipient will change. If you find a reputable delivery unit you will no longer worry about arising in the shipping process.

2. Delivery method.

Vận chuyển bằng đường bộ vẫn là giải pháp được nhiều công ty lựa chọn.
Things you need to know when transporting goods to Cambodia.

Because Cambodia is geographically close to Vietnam, goods are usually transported by road. The road is usually safe, can receive a lot of goods, cheap prices and fast delivery times.

The must-know delivery methods for shops that are just starting to do business online.

3. Note in delivery:

Customers pack carefully, so optimize the size of the box to save space and limit being charged by bulky goods..

Customers need to declare true and information about the goods in the box to be transported to Cambodia.

The sender needs to provide correct recipient information in Cambodia. From information, phone number, address, … to deliver goods or compare with customers to take place more smoothly.

III. Charges for sending goods to Cambodia.

The cost of sending goods to Cambodia will be calculated based on the following factors:

  • Order characteristics: compact / bulky goods, especially difficult to send goods, high-value goods or easy-to-send ordinary goods, …
  • Quantity of goods: the weight of the goods you send is 1 kilogram or 10 kilograms, 100 kilograms, …

IV. Service of ship goods to Cambodia by CambodiaShip.

Are you expanding your business to Cambodia? Do you need to send things to Cambodia? You need a shipping service to send goods to Cambodia with the most reasonable price today? Now, transporting goods from Vietnam to Cambodia has been easier thanks to CambodiaShip’s cross-border delivery service.

Dịch vụ vận chuyển hàng sang Campuchia uy tín và đảm bảo nguyên vẹn hàng hóa
Service of transporting goods to Cambodia is reputable and ensures goods integrity.

Owning a modern bill of lading management technology platform CambodiaShip offers customers the best intermodal delivery solution. We have a warehouse system specializing in transporting goods from Vietnam to Cambodia. So all the needs of CambodiaShip customers can be met.

CambodiaShip is the perfect cross-border delivery solution for shop shops:

  • Easy application, fast delivery in just 3 – 5 days.
  • Experienced delivery shipper team, dedicated service.
  • Professional and strict order processing process, ensuring customers’ goods are not lost.
  • CambodiaShip shipping fee to Cambodia is reasonable for all shop owners.
  • Full clearance paper support.
  • Clear and transparent cargo insurance policy.
  • Enthusiastic support for all inquiries from shop owners.

Besides, CambodiaShip constantly improves service quality and controls reasonable costs. The entire shipping process from the time of filing, tracking delivery and payment is always optimized to shorten processing time. Bring the most satisfied experience to customers.

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