Ship COD in Phnom Penh, good service


The delivery service in Campudia has become increasingly diverse. Choosing an effective service is also a process of online shop hesitation.

In the COD ship services in Phnom Penh today, which COD ship service is the best?

In fact, it is a question not too difficult to get an answer. The answer is almost no. Because COD ship services have not been developed much in Phnom Penh. COD ship services are currently only reimbursed at the beginning, there are not many technology applications as well as no proper operating procedures.

In that context, CambodiaShip was established. Investing from two major shipping and forwarding companies in Vietnam market where e-commerce has been established and developed much earlier than Cambodia.



CambodiaShip inherits experience and processes from Tin Toc. Appropriate technologies are prioritized to provide users with top quality service. CambodiaShip strives to complete the standard of the forwarding and receiving industry in the early days to create the first quality for the collection and reception services in Cambodia in the future.

To that end, CambodiaShip aims to build a delivery service with:

Wide scope of delivery: wide coverage, currently CambodiaShip has covered the entire capital of Phnom Penh, and will soon be available in the whole territory of Cambodia.

Good delivery quality: There are many lessons learned from previous companies. CambodiaShip focuses on building the team from the beginning. CambodiaShip’s shipper team is always trained in delivery skills and attitudes, ensuring the best quality of delivery.

Top speed: Application of appropriate technologies to enable CambodiaShip to significantly shorten delivery time. Our delivery speed will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Low cost: The cost of CambodiaShip is optimized thanks to the concentration and appropriate technology. Reduce costs through the free increase and commitment of successful delivery.

You are looking for the best delivery service. We give you a hint: