Save more than 40% on costs thanks to storage services?


Don’t be swayed by those who have storage services – Fulfillment at low prices. Because the cost of capital always goes hand in hand with …

Tiết kiệm hơn 40% chi phí nhờ dịch vụ lưu kho? Bạn tin không?

Recently, the form of outsourcing order fulfillment services (storage service combined with Fulfillment delivery) has become the trend of choice for online stores, businesses in optimizing business processes. Especially online business to Cambodia. The purpose is to help save costs in the current booming e-commerce development.

So do you understand what Fulfillment is yet? How does using this service help save costs? What are the criteria to choose a reputable Fulfillment service provider?

Let’s answer the above questions by referring to the following article!

Fulfillment – Optimal and economical operation solution

What is Fulfillment service?

Fulfillment is simply understood as a comprehensive service from A to Z. Helping sellers do all the work related to warehouse, inventory management, order handling and shipping, … Specifically, consulting, taking goods, storing, packing, labeling, delivering, collecting goods on behalf of, … Sellers now no longer have to worry about logistics in preparing orders for their customers, but will focus on the business and how to grow, have lots of orders.

This is the most optimal solution and more and more business owners are applying to be able to promote development and total cost savings for their business. Especially for online stores that have to handle too many orders every day with the stages of exporting, packing, shipping, delivering, …. Making business complicated, time consuming and costly.

What you can save by using Fulfillment service?

The need to use Fulfillment service is an indispensable for businesses that do not have a complete and complete order completion process. Helping them save costs and optimize the complete process of effective order handling.

The cost items that you can save when using Fulfillment service:

  • Expenses for warehouse staff, staff loading and unloading, cleaning.
  • Costs for the shipper team.
  • Warehouse costs.
  • Cost of machinery and equipment.
  • The cost of packaging materials.
  • Other types of operating expenses.

All the above costs will be combined into a service package with a much cheaper price. Helping small and medium-sized businesses that do not have enough investment conditions can feel secure, devote their entire budget to communication activities or other businesses.

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Nhu cầu sử dụng dịch vụ Fulfillment như một điều tất yếu cho những doanh nghiệp
The need to use Fulfillment service is an indispensable for businesses

7 criteria when choosing a storage service provider – Fulfillment.

To choose a reputable and professional storage service provider – Fulfillment, sellers must consider and evaluate in many different aspects. Here are some criteria that CambodiaShip suggests to you:

The storage service provider must have its own warehouse.

Traditional carriers are “transforming” to serve e-commerce according to the trend of the market. As a result, they tend to form a third party Fulfillment service provider. Outsource the entire service process from warehousing to full Fulfillment to cater to the shipping needs of the current commercial industry.

Therefore, the compulsory circulation of goods of the shop depends on two factors: the carrier and its outsourced partners. A warehouse leasing unit with its own warehouse will easily actively control related activities, take responsibility for unexpected occurrences, so it is more efficient and secure.

Please request a visit to that unit’s warehouse to see if they have their own warehouse!

Find out more about a warehouse rental unit.

  • Will that warehouse rental unit keep track of the exact inventory status from time to time for you?
  • Is inventory data easy to understand and read?
  • Is there a service price notice?
  • Is there manual data provisioning or has the service process been automated and consistent?
  • Is there inventory tracking software? Easy to use? Is it integrated on the mobile app?
  • Is there any notification to the seller if the goods are delayed?

Storage services – Fulfillment must be consistent with your business model.

Each business will often have different business models. From that type, quantity of goods, sales as well as sizes of goods also vary. So is the service rental unit Fulfillment. They have their own service object, so businesses must choose the right supplier to cooperate effectively.

Example: You are a t-shirt shop with sales of 20 pieces per month. This level of sales will not be suitable for a company specializing in managing and shipping thousands of items per month. Therefore, you should ask the supplier for relevant terms such as: size of the cargo, weight of the cargo, type of cargo …

In line with the future orientation of the business

Before deciding to cooperate, shops should consider the following:

  • Sales target in the near future of the business.
  • Type and quantity of goods the business intends to store in.
  • Do you have any plans to expand your business to foreign markets?

Some units may be suitable for the present but may not be a guarantee for the future. A place that can handle only a few orders per day may not be able to accommodate larger quantities or even the warehouse does not have enough space to store if the volume of goods is too large.

Therefore, you need to choose a supplier that matches the future direction of your business. This helps businesses limit the case of transferring suppliers, the risk arises when having to move goods from one warehouse to another.

The price corresponds to the quality

Don’t be swayed by those who have storage services – Fulfillment at low prices. Because the cost of capital always goes hand in hand with quality. As an intermediary, all errors in the delivery process such as loss of goods, delayed delivery, refunds,…. Both have a negative impact on the reputation of your business and shop.

Therefore, choose a unit with the right price to ensure that the goods are safe, accurate and quickly reach the buyer. From there, improving customer experience and product satisfaction.

Lựa chọn đơn vị có mức giá phù hợp đảm bảo hàng hóa an toàn, chính xác, nhanh chóng
Selecting the unit with the right price to ensure safe, accurate and fast goods.

Ensuring uniform quality throughout the cooperation process

Many places are committed to fast delivery within 24 hours, keeping goods safe and intact. But whether they guarantee to comply with commitments?

To ensure effective cooperation, you should suggest a visit to the warehouse. Observe and monitor the machines, equipment, their internal working environment, thereby deducing the performance of customer care staff, warehouse supervisors and order processing staff.

This way helps you to know the level of proactively supplying and serving your partner’s customers, thereby deciding whether to cooperate or not.

Quality of customer care

Good customer service will solve problems more quickly. Typically, the problem of goods delay, wrong delivery, you must contact the service company for specific answers and compensate when necessary.

The professional customer care team partially demonstrates the professionalism of the Fulfillment supplier.

Where is the reputable storage service provider – Fulfillment?

Considered as one of the pioneering companies in providing logistics services and fulfillment orders, serving e-commerce. CambodiaShip has over 5 years of industry experience with a solid technology background and a serious investment in service operations.

Dịch vụ CambodiaShip Fulfillment là hệ thống quản lý kho vận toàn diện
Service CambodiaShip Fulfillment is a comprehensive logistics management system.

CambodiaShip Fulfillment service is a comprehensive logistics management system, storage and packing of goods in Cambodia with criteria: Raw – Safe – Convenient:

  • Reduce costs by up to 40%.
  • Complete service package from receipt at the point of sale – delivery to the customer.
  • Large warehouse system, convenient location for importing and exporting goods.
  • Save time on order processing so you can focus on your business.
  • Avoid errors in checking goods and costs with modern warehouse management software WMS.
  • Ensure the safety of goods, avoid damage caused by insects and mold.
  • Privacy, absolute security.
  • Create a competitive advantage for your business in the market.

If you are looking for a shipping unit that stores goods in Cambodia. Then CambodiaShip is the perfect choice, fully satisfying the criteria to help you feel more secure when using the service.

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