5 difficulties encountered when transporting goods to Cambodia


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5 khó khăn gặp phải khi vận chuyển hàng đi Campuchia

The demand for transporting goods to Cambodia has increased. Currently, Cambodian consumers are turning to Vietnamese goods due to the good quality and cheap prices of Vietnamese goods. Although coming to this service, businesses still face many difficulties and challenges. This article will help businesses see more clearly these difficulties. Besides, CambodiaShip also helps you find the most effective solution.

I. Cambodia market is a young potential market with many challenges.

Cambodia is said to be a “fertile land” for Vietnamese shop owners to exploit because the demand for online shopping in Cambodia has only grown in recent years. Because there are many special advantages such as: favorable border conditions, the two countries’ culture and user preferences are similar, and the two countries’ long-lasting trade friendship. Purchasing power is increasing strongly, not many products for shoppers to choose from. This shows that Cambodia is a very potential market for Vietnamese businesses.

Campuchia là thị trường rất tiềm năng với các doanh nghiệp Việt Nam.
Cambodia is a very potential market for Vietnamese businesses.

But not because of that, Vietnamese businesses do not face difficulties. There are many things that hinder your cross-border business expansion from understanding customers to shipping goods to recipients. Therefore, the Cambodian market is said to be a “fertile land” for business but still has many difficulties of its own.

II. Difficulties in transporting goods to Cambodia

1. The procedure is difficult for inexperienced people

Goods that want to be cleared must be approved by the customs office. Here, the shipper must ensure that the goods sent are eligible for export abroad. The customs office will confirm your goods and guide the specific procedures. For those who do not have experience sending goods to foreign countries, the problem of customs procedures can be a headache.

2. Requires careful packaging

When sending goods to Cambodia in particular and abroad in general, goods need to be carefully packed. The packaging is in accordance with international standards such as choosing a carton with the right size for the item, using enclosed materials such as air bubble bags, foam to wrap the product and tape firmly on the mouth of the box.

Khách hàng nên đóng gói hàng hóa cẩn thận trước khi vận chuyển hàng đi Campuchia.
Customers should pack their goods carefully before sending them to Cambodia.

The purpose of this is to ensure that the goods are not damaged or broken during transportation. Since it takes about 3-5 days for goods to be shipped to Cambodia, if the goods are not carefully packed, they may not be delivered intact to the recipient.

3. Difficult to guarantee delivery time to Cambodia

When transporting goods to Cambodia, businesses face difficulties in ensuring delivery time. Because when transporting goods through the border gate, there are certainly risks in terms of procedures and documents, making the transportation time can be longer. Not to mention, the weather problem also affects the shipping time to Cambodia.

In addition, when businesses send goods to Cambodia, it is often difficult to track the goods. This causes anxiety for both customers and businesses because they do not know where the goods in the past 3-5 days are arriving.

4. Meet the language barrier

Usually when expanding their business to foreign countries, the biggest obstacle that businesses face is the language barrier. Indeed, if you do not understand and use the language of the natives, there will be many difficulties in understanding and surveying the market. In particular, it is difficult to understand the tastes of customers. Not being fluent in Cambodian makes it difficult for you to approach customers. It keeps you from understanding their marketing so that you can respond accordingly.

Vấn đề ngôn ngữ là rào cản lớn đến việc mở rộng kinh doanh của các chủ shop.
The language problem is a big barrier to the business expansion of shop owners.

The language barrier, on the other hand, makes it difficult for you to deal with cargo complaints after the customer has received the goods. This makes you limited in customer care.

5. Don’t know how to choose a reputable unit to transport goods to Cambodia

Delivery is crucial to the success of your business. Because of the quality of the goods, but you put your trust in the delivery unit is not good, causing the goods to be lost or lost. This indirectly makes your business lose points in the eyes of customers. The most difficult thing is to choose a good shipping company to Cambodia. Because unlike in the country, when sending goods to Cambodia, it requires experienced delivery units to ensure the smoothest route of goods.

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CambodiaShip mong muốn mang đến trải nghiệm giao hàng xuyên biên giới tốt nhất cho khách hàng.
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