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The question is how to order from Vietnam to Cambodia? Where to use reputable Vietnamese goods purchase service? How to order …

Dịch vụ mua hộ hàng Việt Nam không qua trung quan - trọn gói từ A đến Z

Currently, the demand for Vietnamese goods in Cambodia is increasing. This is a place with many advantages in business such as cheap price, good quality and diverse and full designs. This is a very attractive business opportunity for young people who love to sell online. It will be a waste if you do not take advantage of opportunities to import Vietnamese goods for business. Where to use reputable Vietnamese goods purchase service ?

The question is how to order from Vietnam to Cambodia? How to order Vietnam to sell while still optimizing costs? This article will help answer all the questions you are having.

Mua hàng Việt Nam về kinh doanh dễ hay khó?
Buying Vietnamese goods is easy or difficult?

I. Why should buy Vietnamese products?

  • Cheaper price

It can be said that Vietnam is one of the countries with abundant human resources. E-commerce and manufacturing industries are also growing strongly in this country. The source of goods produced in Vietnam is increasingly plentiful to meet the consumption needs of the domestic and foreign markets. Because of the diversity of goods, the demand for Supply – Demand and the popularity of the Vietnamese goods market is increasingly high. Thanks to that, the price of goods in Vietnam is also gradually improved to meet the best demand for users, while the quality is still guaranteed.

  • Diverse designs, not afraid of obsolescence

Referring to Vietnam, there are huge markets with all kinds of items from electronics to clothes, everyday consumer goods. Especially Kim Bien market is divided into many markets that specialize in providing a variety of wholesale products at original prices. Therefore, ordering Vietnam here is very convenient. That is the reason why many foreign traders gather here to buy goods for business.

Các xưởng may Việt Nam luôn có đa dạng mẫu mã cho bạn lựa chọn.
Vietnamese garment factories always have a variety of models for you to choose from.

In addition, the furniture manufacturers in Vietnam are always updated with new models to catch up with the trend. Therefore, products from Vietnam always satisfy users’ tastes and do not worry about fashion mistakes when importing into business.

  • Product quality is good

Many people still worry that Vietnamese products are of inferior quality compared to other countries. However, if you can see the production process of factories and factories here, you will have to think again. The quantity of Vietnamese goods is extremely large and plentiful, no less than the goods of Guangzhou or China. Therefore, you can also rest assured to decide on a variety of models here.

  • Can be ordered online

Currently, to meet the buying needs of domestic and foreign customers buying goods from Vietnam. System of e-commerce sites is growing stronger and stronger day by day: Tiki, Shopee, Lazada, Sendo,… was born. Customers can buy cheap Vietnamese products online wherever they are.

II. How to order products from Vietnam to Cambodia?

1. To Vietnam to directly import goods

Sang Việt Nam nhập hàng trực tiếp là lựa chọn của các con buôn lớn.
Going to Vietnam to import goods directly is the choice of big traders.

This is a buying option for those who sell large quantities and want to go to the factory. By the following advantages:

  • You can ensure the quality of goods without worrying about importing poor quality goods because you can see the goods in person and with your own eyes.
  • You can be more active in choosing when to import goods and do not need to wait for the goods to return.
  • Can negotiate for the best price when talking directly with shippers.
  • You can freely choose unique, beautiful goods and attract more customers to buy because they can see the goods directly.

2. Imported from intermediate wholesale markets.

This is a smart choice for business people who initially import goods. Because they do not have to spend the cost to go to Vietnam but still can directly see the goods, negotiate prices and directly buy goods.

But you have to accept a higher price than you enter directly because you incur part of the middleman’s interest. In addition, the product design is also limited and not diverse for you to choose according to your own preferences.

3. Order through e-commerce sites

Thanks to the development of an online business, a form was born to meet the buying needs of people. Through e-commerce sites, you can order and wait for the goods to return. The only thing to do is to choose the source of goods from reputable shops.

Cách mua hàng này vừa tiện lợi vừa nhanh chóng.
This way of buying is both convenient and fast.

This way has a risk when importing the goods. That is the customer is not supported when the carrier wants to buy goods. From there arose the fact that many intermediaries received high prices. At this time, the price of imported goods increases, causing many shop owners to have a headache.

III. CambodiaShip – The number one good service to buy Vietnamese goods in Cambodia.

Facing the risks of ordering Vietnamese goods by themselves, many people choose to order through a shipping unit. These units ensure your purchase is smooth and optimized for your business.

1. Introduction to CambodiaShip

Vietnamese goods purchase service is a service used by many customers in CambodiaShip. Because of the FAST – EASY – PROFESSIONAL company of the company has helped customers save time, cost and more convenient in ordering.

Customers can rest assured to buy products without fear of risk. Because we have to support the goods protection commitment to compensate when there is a problem in the transport process. You will receive your goods quickly with reasonable fee and best quality.

2. Why should you choose services to buy Vietnamese goods from CambodiaShip?

When using our service, customers will fully satisfy the following requirements:

  • Professional service:

Consulting team to support customers to order and choose the best services. We guarantee the exact transit time.

  • Fast – accurate: 

Time is a valuable thing in business. Delayed a day will lose many business opportunities. Therefore, we always ensure the promptness and accuracy in terms of time.

  • Save the cost of buying goods for you:

Currently, CambodiaShip provides customers with a full purchase service: from ordering to the delivery of the goods to the customer. Therefore, customers will not need to worry about any additional intermediary fees. We always try to keep the cost of our services to a minimum. It helps customers to buy the most convenient and economical.

  • Safety – Prestige:

CambodiaShip is always equipped with the most modern transport tools. To ensure the safety of goods during transportation. When there is a breakdown or loss occurred during transportation, we will refund 100% to the customer.

See also the price list of Vietnamese goods buying service here.

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