Warehouse in logistics and using warehouse rental service


CambodiaShip not only provides forwarding services (COD) – transportation in Cambodia, but also provides warehouse rental services, logistics …

Kho bãi trong logistics và điều cần biết khi sử dụng dịch vụ thuê kho

Warehouse in logistics is one of the indispensable elements of the supply chain as well as in the logistics industry. Many businesses have gradually invested their costs in warehouses because of the significant benefits it brings. But surely many business owners still do not understand the problem of warehouse and warehouse rental services. So this article tells you about warehouse rental service and useful information about this type of service. Find out now!

I. Warehouse in logistics

1. What is warehouse in logistics?

This is a place to store and preserve goods for the purpose of providing the transport process at a reasonable cost. In addition, the duties of warehouses also include providing information about the location, condition and storage conditions of goods.

Bạn đã hiểu gì về dịch vụ thuê kho và những thông tin cần biết khi sử dụng dịch vụ này?
What did you understand about the warehouse rental service and what information should you know when using this service?

For small to large businesses, preparing your own warehouse is essential. Therefore, the study of warehouse knowledge will be necessary. Because it will help businesses have a clear orientation when choosing the warehouse rental service or preparing the procedures, the cost of renting a warehouse.

2. Classify

Currently, there are 3 types of warehouse common in logistics. Depending on the needs and budget of each business, they will choose the type of warehouse rental that suits their business.

a. Cross – docking (Quick delivery)

A multi-purpose warehouse for classification, synthesis and finishing of goods to serve consumers. This means that this is a center to receive goods directly to pack, classify goods,… then deliver the goods directly to customers without stopping or putting them into storage. Therefore, it will reduce the cost as well as increase the efficiency of exploitation. This warehouse is usually located between the place of production and consumption.

b. Rent a warehouse under the contract:

Renting a warehouse under a contract is an agreement on long-term interests and obligations of the parties. The lessor will provide warehouse services according to the agreement for customers. The lessee will pay the rent of the warehouse to the lessor. Parties share the risks together.

c. Types of public warehouses:

These include customs warehouses, private warehouses, special warehouses, frozen warehouses, bulk warehouses, general warehouses, and liquid warehouses.

d. Tax-suspension warehouse:

It is the warehouse of the goods owner used to store the imported goods that have been cleared but tax has not been paid. Goods brought into tax-suspension warehouses cannot be sold on the market. These types of goods are not subject to import ban. Investors must carry out import procedures at customs offices to pay import tax and fulfill other financial obligations in accordance with law.

e. Bonded:

Is a warehouse used to store the following goods:

  • Customs cleared goods are sent pending export.
  • Goods sent from abroad and sent to wait for export to foreign countries or imported into the country according to the provisions of law.

II. Things to know when using warehouse rental service

Có rất nhiều lưu ý quan trọng bạn cần biết khi lưu kho hàng hóa
There are many important notes you need to be aware of when storing your goods

To determine whether an establishment is a warehouse or distribution center, the following factors need to be considered:

  • Function: Warehouses only have the function of storing goods, while the distribution center also has tasks such as transporting, cross docking, packing, handling and distributing goods to users, … Among them, cross docking best demonstrates the function of the distribution center because it removes the storage function to transport goods directly to the output trucks, reducing storage costs such as transportation costs.
  • Time to store the goods: Time to store the goods in the warehouse will be longer and the speed of goods rotation in the warehouse is also lower than in the distribution center.
  • For those serving: Warehouse or warehouse has almost no customer service, while the distribution center focuses on serving both internal and external customers.
  • Technology requirements: Compared with warehouses, distribution centers have higher requirements for technology to meet the requirements of order handling, warehouse management, transportation management, …

III. The role of warehouse rental services in delivery

1. Help to save costs

Warehouse rental and storage services help reduce costs for the production, transportation, distribution of goods, … Thanks to the reporting tool of this service, businesses no longer have a headache about problems. waste problems, deficits in cost of goods, human resources, …

2. Flexible, easy to handle with market fluctuations

There are many cases where customers order a large quantity of goods. If you do not actively rent a warehouse to store a certain amount of goods, your business will surely be stagnant.

Dịch vụ thuê kho trong giao hàng mang đến nhiều lợi ích cho việc kinh doanh của bạn
Warehouse rental in delivery service brings many benefits to your business.

In fact, businesses often store a large quantity of products to ensure the best delivery and service to customers. This makes it easier for your business to build credibility with customers by securing a good supply chain.

3. Easy to manage sales to centralize your business.

Professional warehouse and storage services help you easily inventory and preserve your goods. At this point, businesses only need to focus on business and customer service. Since then, business efficiency has also been improved significantly.

4. Increase transparency, reduce shipping errors

Businesses often encounter errors in manual inventory reporting. But when coming to CambodiaShip, this situation is significantly reduced thanks to the modern commodity code scanning system. Now, businesses no longer have to headache with commodity statistics thanks to reports from the service’s system.

IV. CambodiaShip – The most prestigious warehouse rental and storage service provider in Cambodia.

CambodiaShip not only provides forwarding service (COD) – shipping in Cambodia. But we also provide warehousing and logistics services. Currently, this is a service that CambodiaShip focuses on strongly and rapidly developing.

CambodiaShip là nơi cung cấp dịch vụ lưu kho hàng hóa uy tín tại Campuchia.
CambodiaShip is a reputable commodity storage service provider in Cambodia.

Coming to CambodiaShip, you do not need to worry or headache about renting premises, warehouses, shipping staff. We perform management of consigned goods in the warehouse to ensure the fastest delivery of goods.

Advantages of CambodiaShip:

  • Warehouse system is invested extensively, equipped with facilities, provides the best and most convenient warehouse services for all goods in the logistics chain of customers.
  • Goods are insured for safety, fire prevention and fighting fully meet the technical standards of professional security forces. So, you can rest assured when sending goods at CambodiaShip warehouse.
  • Ensure the goods with sufficient quantity, with full force, raw materials, and full belt.
  • The warehouse is invested with a strict security system and installed with a camera system to ensure absolute safety. 

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