Logistics is considered as the backbone of the economic development of all the countries in the world. Nowadays, several multinational logistics enterprises are rapidly expanding their market share, especially developing countries. In addtion, Last-mile delivery is a booming sector, Vietnam is a typical instance.

In Cambodia, the retail market has bustled in recent years, gradually formed e-commerce sites and online shops with high growth rate. However, the Cambodia logistics system has not met the need and potential development of the country.

Tin Tốc Joint Stock Company with 4 years of experience in the Vietnamese market, is the best delivery service in Ho Chi Minh City (COD - Cash On Delivery) and Mekong Logistics Company Limited, with the strength of cross-border delivery through three countries in Indochina (Vietnam - Laos - Cambodia), Cambodian market know-how, has legal status which is established 7 years in this country. With the advantages of each enterprise, the suitability of corporate culture of the two sides, we decided to co-establish CambodiaShip joint venture company. The management of the two companies has combined the excellence in corporate culture, technological capability and operation into the CambodiaShip.

CambodiaShip focuses on following core values: commitment, modern and efficient delivery service; Fast and friendly customer service attitude. We do business based on business philosophy: Providing quality service beyond customer expectations. CambodiaShip is confident that the service we provide will bring many benefits to the community and society. A completely new solution for the development of people and Cambodia.

CambodiaShip has ambitions to become a pioneer transportation provider for Khmer and to accompany the development of Cambodia. Our mission is "Make Cambodia e-commerce better".